Women's logic and how it differs from the logic of men

November 8th, 2013

 Women's logic
   Men love to talk about the fact that women are unable to think logically. Any woman can easily refute this assertion. So how female logic became a legend, talk about it with admiration or with horror. At the same time, few can articulate what the women's logic, and how does it differ from the logic of men.


What is the logic

Even in antiquity, it was born the science called logic: this discipline studies the right mindset, forms, methods and laws of intellectual cognitive activities. Initially, the logic was a part of philosophy, but over time some types of logic began to be studied as part of mathematics or computer science.

The ability to reason, solve different problems and draw the right conclusions require a person throughout his life. Such logical operations such as classification, identification, proof or disproof used by people constantly, both in solving complex problems and in everyday life. Conventional logic allows you to make the right decisions in a variety of situations.


Specifics of female logic

What is the woman's logic is different from the logic of the ordinary? It is believed that the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity thinks differently than men. Women are not satisfied with dry rational construction, they give these arguments emotional and sensual overtones. In addition, more women than men tend to trust your intuition.

It turns out that female logic in the usual sense of something similar to demagoguery. For example, women give emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   much more important than some real items. In addition, the beautiful ladies often do not bother looking for any justification of its findings, explaining everything by intuition.

In fact, what is called female logic - it's just a complete lack of logic, that is clear and unambiguous logical constructs based on real facts and knowledge about the world. And yet, this method also has a right to talk to exist. Interestingly, as a result, no matter what may seem paradoxical logic of constructing women, they may be closer to the truth than the dry and rational reasoning men. However, such is not the case always.

Specific features of the female style of debate can be attributed not always reasonable to simplify and generalize, as well as the transfer of the subject matter of the rational into an emotional field. Most women think and speak not only for myself but also for the opponent (the saying that silence - a sign of consent, certainly come up with a woman).


Why is this happening?

Men and women are known to differ from each other not only in the primary and secondary sexual characteristics, but also the structure of the brain. Of course, the brain is still poorly understood, therefore, too early to say whether these differences are significant. However, we have shown that, for example, when solving logic problems in women more active frontal lobes, which are responsible for feelings and emotion. In men, the same in a similar situation is observed activity of the centers of the brain that are associated with the processing of information.

Women's and men's brain develops a little differently, as a result of women, for example, observation, distinguish more colors, a lot more talk and language skills. In addition, women in the mass, where emotional men. Men also usually better developed spatial imagination and ability to navigate, and abstract thinking. Not surprisingly, the different ways of processing information: both sexes solve the problem as they see it easier and more familiar.


Such education

Many researchers believe that the differences of male and female thinking less to do with the physiological characteristics as the traditional roles of men and women in society. For many centuries, no one expected from the manifestations of the mind of women, in contrast, valued minded, but attractive ladies. Perhaps it was due to those who have the role of women was largely limited to the birth of children and the household, there is a possibility to grow intellectually they simply did not have.

Maybe the point is that, given the not very intelligent woman, even the most dim-witted man feels an intellectual. And many women for years pretended stupider than they are to please the beloved. In any case, women have historically been necessary to perfect the art of reasoning, so the fairer sex more often relied on their intuition, which they rarely fails.


Is there a man's logic?

The peculiar argument for women - a favorite subject for jokes among males. For example, there are a lot of jokes about women's logic and stupid blondes. The majority of men are unable to understand the intricate reasoning of their mothers, wives, daughters and acquaintances perceive women's logic as a necessary evil.

At the same time, one can argue that the only argument of the fair sex can be illogical. Men, too, often peculiar reason, confusing cause and effect and making unexpected conclusions. However, in such cases, they say it is the lack of logic, and not about some exotic varieties of it.

Interestingly, the term "male logic" does not exist. Thus, we can conclude that there is a logic accessible to members of either sex is female logic, understandable only to women. Contrary to popular belief, women are quite capable of reasoning "manly", that is logical and consistent. At the same time, men can not normally talk like a woman (though there are exceptions).

One can argue endlessly about what method of reasoning better. Of course, in some areas of human life without the traditional logic is necessary. At the same time, many human discoveries were made intuitively, and intuition - it is an important component of women's logic.

Maria Bykov

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Family budget: from the economy to wealth - Types

December 22, 2013

  • Family budget: from the economy to wealth
  • Kinds

 species of the family budget

Species of the family budget

The well-known aphorism: a balanced budget could be called a family in which the month and end with money at the same time. To argue with him more witty saying: budgeting - a reliable way to get into debt. Where is the truth? What is in the family budget, and learning how to properly dispose of income?


The concept of cost

What is the budget? The general definition - a financial plan for a certain period of time. It is unlikely that there is a doubt that such a strict accounting needs across the state, region, or individual organization. However, no less important and sound approach to budgeting the family, especially in the present conditions, when the possibility of financing various purchases - from the TV to the apartment - creates a sense of availability of any product.

Another goal of control over the family budget - reducing unplanned expenses. It is estimated that almost half the cost of buying up the family, without which it is possible to do. If all of them will be recorded, analyzed and taken into account - savings will be much easier.

Methods of conducting family budget is currently set. Some people prefer to do it the old fashioned way, recording income and expenses in a thick notebook, podkleivaya-store receipts and calculating the total amounts on the calculator. Other findings amount of necessary expenses, for example, for a month, and then divide it by the number of days, sending the rest to the treasury. Still others - are turning to the computer. It can be created on their own tables and charts or specially designed program.

Whatever it was, the family budget - it's not just the money earned in the past month, it is also a way of self-discipline, and ultimately - the desire for financial solvency.


We, you and I, but I - what to choose?

The family budget is made up of several components - a salary of all family members, bonuses, allowances, pensions, prizes and so on. Variants of the relative contributions of each household in the common cause may be several:

  • fully joint budget - traditional for the Russian model. Such variant is inevitable that if one spouse does not work - for example, a woman is on leave for child care. Undoubtedly, this form creates a sense of unity of the budget, but at the same time could put in an awkward position and become a cause for reproach;
  • part of a joint budget. In this case, the calculated amount that will be spent on essentials. It is divided equally between the spouses or in shares, depending on the level of income. The remaining funds are considered to be personal, they each can spend at their own discretion. Option bad if both spouses revenues are approximately at the same level. Moreover, under this option supported equal rights, so valued by women today.
  • completely separate budget - a model that is very popular in the West. For the Russian mentality situation where one spouse takes the other money in the debt is unacceptable. However, in this way the European and American women prove their financial viability and professional.


Why save on the matches?

In all models, the family budget is very relevant question of economy. When the daily analysis of the costs will habit will be pretty easy to identify articles that costs can be reduced. For example, it may be the food. It is not necessary to buy sturgeon second freshness, simply eliminate many snacks - it's good for health, and for the budget. In addition, it is useful to buy basic products in large stores for several days ahead - and strictly in accordance with pre-defined list.

Other savings - for example, separate purse, which over time can accumulate quite a noticeable amount. Planning major purchases in advance purchase only good things (though not often), leaving a reserve of ten percent from each paycheck, selection of the optimal rate of cellular operators - Ability to save the family budget is not really so little. And, perhaps, the most important condition - only a joint discussion and resolution of all issues.

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