Holiday romance: Pros and Cons

December 1, 2013

 summer fling
 What you need for a good holiday? The heat, the sea, the sun, a change of scenery, exciting experiences, and of course, romance Romance - trap for women?  Romance - trap for women?
 . Well go to the resort in a society of a loved one, but if not, then why not make a holiday romance? These novels are very popular, although satisfying summer adventure brings not always.


Advantages holiday novels

About resort dream of many novels. This romantic young girl, who believe that they will find love in the sun. And the mothers of families, tired of life and looking for the opportunity to unwind. And ladies, who want to find the man of "health." Men also do not mind the holiday novels. They can collect the win or love to dream for a while forget about the family and to feel free.

It would seem, why these people do not meet and give each other happy days and wonderful experiences, which can be tedious to recall autumn evenings? For holiday romance have many advantages:

  • Increased self-esteem. Holiday romance allows you to feel the most important, the most desirable and attractive man - at least not for long;
  • Romance. The very romantic, which is so little in everyday life. The same romance that are written so many books and so many movies filmed. Holiday romances are very beautiful;
  • If the novel at the resort - it is a betrayal of the constant partner, the threat of exposing virtually none. Of course, the partner may have something suspect, but the evidence he will not. Thus, you can get a new sexual experience and enjoy a new relationship without any risk to the family. The main thing - to agree with his own conscience;
  • The resort is beautiful novel that relations do not reach the stage of mutual irritation. Only pure enjoyment - and no fee for it;
  • After parting new partner or the partner will not be bothered, to express claims hint at the continuation of the relationship, make a scene of jealousy ... They just disappear, leaving currently only wonderful memories;
  • In a relationship with a new lover, you can try on new roles, for example, vamp, or, on the contrary, a naive girl. Men can forget about their image faithful husband and behave like real playboys. You can come up with for a new biography - it's very interesting and exciting;
  • The resort can meet his destiny. Where people just do not meet with their loved ones, and the resort - not the worst option.


Disadvantages of such novels

Not everyone thinks holiday romance indispensable attribute of holiday. Many of these novels is avoided, and it is no coincidence: in addition to the advantages of such novels have a number of disadvantages:

  • Infected by virtually unknown partner venereal disease Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love  Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love
   not as difficult as it seems. Unfortunately, even the most durable condoms may not provide protection, for example, from genital herpes Herpes - a virus creeping  Herpes - a virus creeping
 . Of course, if the caution, the probability of contracting diseases that are transmitted sexually, is small, but it is still there;
  • Unpleasant surprises. Relaxing relations are developing rapidly, so the time to know a person better not: the result can be very inappropriately reveal that new acquaintance rude, cruel, or some big strange or unpleasant sexual preferences;
  • You can become a victim of crime. After a hot night with a stranger have a chance to discover that he disappeared, and with it disappeared handbag with jewelery, money and credit cards. Men criminals often simply pour into a glass of clonidine, and then disappear with all the money the hapless gentleman. Similarly may engage in fishing as the locals and other visitors. Chance offender is small enough, moreover, is usually the time to appeal to the police simply does not remain: the thieves carried out similar operations on the eve of the departure of the victim;
  • Feeling guilty for treason before a permanent partner. Conscientious people better to abandon acts of which would later be ashamed. And of course, his remorse is not shared with any innocent permanent partner - will experience alone;
  • Fall in love at the resort. Almost all in deciding on a holiday romance, try to treat him as any non-binding adventure. But Lawless Heart, and sometimes relationships grow into something more ... but only on one side. As a result, instead of the wonderful memories of the holiday is a broken heart and a feeling of dissatisfaction;
  • Become an object of love, and even persecution. No better situation, if your partner woke up feeling. Suddenly he shows miracles of ingenuity and find a way to pursue the object of his love is the resort?


Are there prospects for the holiday novels?

It would seem that we all know that most of the holiday romance does not end there. Yet, many secretly hoping to find love on vacation. Of course, miracles do happen, but they are extremely rare. More often than not those waiting on summer romance too much, will be disappointed.

Typically, these frustrations experienced by women, men are beginning to resort to the novel as a fun adventure, and not to search for the second half. The girls are more romantic and focus on long-term relationships: they start to fantasize about love and as a result feel cheated. It is interesting that often fall in love not only young and inexperienced, but also those who want to seem cynical and looking for a man for sex only.

Roman Holiday is quite right to exist if it is possible to control their feelings do not fall in love, do not expect too much, do not suffer remorse in advance to accept the lack of prospects. But if, contrary to all forecasts holiday romance still will be continued, and the continuation of a happy, it will be a pleasant surprise for both sides.

Maria Bykov

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What is love: magic or dizziness?

July 5, 2011

 In our time, just like many years ago, turn to fortunetellers are not reduced. How to find out who it is you? Is it better to fall in love at first sight or consciously choose a partner? Is it possible at all - to fall in love at first sight?

 What is love: magic or dizziness?

Love at first sight

Who would not fall in love, I do not feel this sudden pomrachnenie reason. Magic believes that love at first sight - a sudden exchange of energy, like a thunderbolt, and psychology explains that landed more: there is a reaction on the part of the nervous and endocrine systems.

But why so suddenly? Because love takes place on a subconscious level. Our active mind evaluates the world, and a passive consciousness or subconscious performs the dirty work, is responsible for the functioning of internal organs and, therefore, never rests. The subconscious - it is naive, everything that goes into it in the form of information perceives as truth. Therefore mind does not share information in the subconscious mind, but sometimes consciousness as it fades into the background, or resting. Therefore, it is easily something to inspire a man during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams

It was found that any human thought somehow reflected in his appearance. This can be a slight change in facial expressions, gestures, eye movement. Consciousness is not able to analyze all this so quickly, but the subconscious picks up everything. If unconscious at first glance at the man saw his ideal, that is where the magic starts changes in the body, called love.

Falling in love is felt as a sudden stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   or strong positive emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
 Under the influence of which becomes more frequent breathing and heartbeat, voice changes, the expression of the eyes, skin color ... Since the initial evaluation of consciousness when it is not, it is not surprising that you can fall in love in the person consciously, we would never have chosen. Over time, as active consciousness, finally sort out the situation, love or passes, or develops into a strong sense of attachment and love.

 What is love: magic or dizziness?

How to attract the attention of the object of love

And magic, and psychologists say that you can attract the attention of a man who needs you. But they also agree that that this man can not inflict evil, for example, to divide the family. Any directed against human evil would return to its author and to produce a devastating effect.

What is taught magic and psychology? You had to see how plain-looking women enjoy much greater success than beauty? Yes, all the time. What is the secret?

The first secret of success of women

  • The inner content (emotional condition, mind) must be reflected in the appearance, perceived a man on a subconscious level. It is enough to imagine a woman, she radiates warmth, love, how it will feel surrounding the location. They seem to plunge into a comfortable and pleasant condition emanating from it. Remember: good thoughts attract good. The attractiveness can be increased through exercise.
  • Exercise. Relax and imagine that your solar plexus, located in the stomach, radiating warmth and light, love and affection of everyone around fills you. First, this exercise should be done alone when you get a rapidly cause this condition, test its effect on others. Combined with a smile and friendly treatment that will help achieve the attention of men, but the choice is already yours!

The second secret of success of women

  • The magic word - this is the second secret. In love affairs the word plays a huge role. Woman word cheers a man increases his importance in his own eyes. In order to skillfully wield the word and apply it magical powers, and there is a very simple exercise.
  • Exercise. Daily highlight for 15-20 minutes in order to retire. During this time, tell me something: retell a book, a movie, just thinking aloud on any topic. Within a few days you will notice that you are much easier to communicate with others. Do not stop watching and gradually complicating exercises.

 What is love: magic or dizziness?

Special techniques

But it also happens that there is no one, who would you like. Then we can attract the ideal partner with the help of special techniques.

"Magic Dreams" .  Imagine that your back is left to the person you've been looking for and finally found, spiritually close to you .  Do not think about his appearance or financial situation .  Just for a moment imagine your inner unity, his breathing beside him .  Exercise should be repeated every day, but not straining, it is easy: you have to be nice to chat .  You can silently talk to him, tell me what's on your mind and you will be surprised that the image that you have created in your mind, has its own character, which can not be changed .  You will see that this image gives you a sense of calm and confidence .  Try to keep this feeling all day long .  In the East they say that like attracts like .  You tighten to him to his person, like a dream you created .  Danger at the same time to provide any tangible assets, they may outweigh, and you are surprised to see on his way not you create the perfect image, but something quite the opposite .  Better to just imagine that all you need to dream attached .

But one should always remember that to attract a partner easier than to keep him around for a long time myself. It has come into force other laws: over time, passionate love or just finished, or go into a strong constant feeling of love, affection and friendship.

Galina Romanenko

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