Preparing for pregnancy and the role of men in the process

February 9, 2012

 preparation for pregnancy men
 Do I need to plan a pregnancy? Obstetricians give a definite answer to this: is better, if the pregnancy is not unexpected surprise, a surprise even fraught with a number of surprises that can occur during pregnancy and delivery in a variety of complications. But you need to prepare not only women but also men.

 Preparing for pregnancy and the role of men in the process

Where to begin

Pregnancy and childbirth can be compared with the difficult and responsible job that requires training, and then efforts to comply with the regime and holding regularly scheduled observations and surveys in antenatal clinics. Constant medical monitoring of the pregnant woman is the guarantee of a healthy baby. And when there is reasonable certainty that all will be well, improved mood and pregnancy brings a special satisfaction - is also preparing - in a meeting with his kid. Active position in preparation for pregnancy should take a future father, he should not only help his wife, but also to prepare himself.

So, the young couple decided to become parents. Where to begin? Of course, with the survey.

 Preparing for pregnancy and the role of men in the process

The first stage - examination by a physician

First of all, you need to make sure that the physical condition of the woman's health allows her to have children. For this woman for several months prior to conception should contact a physician to detect diseases of the internal organs and systems. Carried out a full examination: chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, general blood and urine tests, counseling specialists (ENT, ophthalmology, dentistry). If a preliminary examination revealed any pathology, there shall be additional methods of research and consulting specialists. All identified pockets of infection and disease (chronic tonsillitis, carious teeth, etc.) being treated. The husband should realize the importance of such an examination, and fully support his wife at this stage.

 Preparing for pregnancy and the role of men in the process

The second stage - examination of the reproductive system of the spouses

The next step - an appeal to the local female obstetrician-gynecologist who identify and treat diseases of the female reproductive organs. Simultaneously, the spouse must apply the same problem to the urologist. While visiting these experts reveal the hidden sexual infections, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, hormonal disorders affecting normal pregnancy.

Sometimes spouses are not aware of their hidden sexual infections (genital herpes, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis Ureaplasmosis - inflammation of the urogenital system  Ureaplasmosis - inflammation of the urogenital system
 , Mycoplasma Mycoplasmosis - infection does not always equal disease  Mycoplasmosis - infection does not always equal disease
   and others), which are before the conception of the child is necessary to identify and treat, or they may complicate pregnancy and affect the health of the child as the effects of intrauterine infections. If any such infection in one of the spouses must both be treated.

No less dangerous and inflammatory diseases caused by non-specific infection (staphylococcus, streptococcus and other pathogens) - they can cause a woman, for example, blocked tubes Obstruction of the fallopian tubes - asymptomatic  Obstruction of the fallopian tubes - asymptomatic
 That will prevent conception and normal development of the pregnancy.

Finally, in the course of the survey in antenatal checked hormonal women, since it is the hormones allow a woman to conceive, carry and give birth to a child.

 Preparing for pregnancy and the role of men in the process

What the couple is determined by blood group and Rh factor

In the women's clinic also determined the blood group of both spouses and the presence or absence of blood Rh factor. This is very important as it is found blood incompatibility of mother and fetus, as the blood group and Rh factor. This incompatibility can cause serious illness in the newborn child - hemolytic disease, ie blood clotting.

Rh - a protein molecule that are on the surface of red blood cells. The problem is that some people (they are a minority) do not have the Rh factor. If the blood is Rh-negative mother's blood mixes with Rh-positive fetus, the mother takes the Rh factor as a foreign substance (antigen) and generates in response to his appearance of antibodies in the blood. Antibodies are glued to the Rh factor (and hence with the red blood cells) to form antigen-antibody complexes (blood clotting), which are deposited in organs and tissues, causing a variety of changes in them. Since red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which carries the internal organs and tissues of oxygen, the child's entire body, especially the brain suffers from lack of oxygen.

First pregnancy in Rh-negative women are Rh-positive fetus usually resolves without complications because the body first encounters Rh factor and does not have time to develop antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity  Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity
 . When reinstalling the pregnancy Rhesus conflict is inevitable. Rh-negative women should be aware of this, and in any case not to interrupt the first pregnancy. For a man, Rh-negative blood does not matter: once the Rh factor in the blood of the men there, and then the baby's blood is Rh-negative, that is, the conflict under any circumstances will not.

The third stage - consultation genetics

The next stage of the survey prospective parents - consultation of the doctor-genetics in order to avoid the risk of having a child with a genetic condition (eg, Down syndrome).

Identification of genetic diseases occurs through careful survey of parents about their own diseases and diseases of the next of kin. If necessary, tests shall be - with family planning centers are bound to have the genetic laboratory.

Only after a thorough examination of both spouses can be sure that the family is ready for the birth of a healthy baby.

Galina Romanenko

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Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook

October 8, 2011

 Men's skills
 Men's magazines and Internet resources periodically publish the results of surveys in which women explain that attracts them in men. After reading a few articles on the subject, you can experience the righteous anger because of unexplained contradictions of the women stressed that the man should be emotional and sensitive, while others are convinced that nothing excites like men's independence and aloofness. In other words, women want in men opposite qualities.

But that's not all that can not be explained. The fact is that every woman has their own idea of ​​masculinity, so it is difficult to combine all the qualities arousing women in one or two characteristics that certainly will not leave indifferent woman. However, there are some skills that women are battling on the spot. The skills that are traditionally associated with a male character, the ability to give a man a fine sense of nature and multiple personalities.

Some of these skills do not require special training, only the application of some effort, while others are very difficult to master, especially in adulthood. The main thing, remember that for a man who set a goal, nothing is impossible - and you will succeed.

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook


Undoubtedly, it is the most difficult skill in our list, after studying a foreign language as an adult is very difficult. Possession of a foreign language - is a testimony to your passion (it was a pity you do not spend time and effort) or your vanity (you want to make an impression on others). Both of these qualities are intriguing women. The impression will be especially strong if it recognizes your ability woman accidentally (or accidentally), ie, you will not expose his show, and demonstrate at the appropriate moment. It is obvious that during the night it is impossible to learn a language, but the possibilities for this are endless: stationary courses, individual coaching, audio and video courses, manuals and textbooks for all levels, and numerous online resources. In short, to learn a foreign language, you only need a little bit of perseverance - and time.

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook

The ability to play a musical instrument

Firstly, the ability to play a musical instrument, even at the amateur, makes an impression on everyone, both women and men. Whether you like it or not, it says a lot about your character. But if a man silently will award points in your favor for the mastery of this difficult in all respects skill (this requires an ear for music, artistry, persistence, and indeed it is work), she will perceive it as a sign of subtle psychic organization that it may and I could not see would be if you did not take up the guitar and sat down at the piano.

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook

The ability to repair a car

Studying the intricacies of the car repair business may seem not easy if you're up to this point have been in trouble with the equipment, but fortunately you do not need to know so much. You need to know enough to hold fast the car is in good condition and in a timely manner to determine the damage (especially if there's a girl). Agree, you can hardly impress a girl, if you just open the hood and will thoughtfully staring at the inside of the machine. In addition, a basic knowledge of mechanics will save you from unnecessary expenses when dealing with dishonest mechanic

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook

The ability to dance

If there is a sure way to show self-confidence at the same time, mild and cheerful disposition, it is without a doubt the dance. At first glance, the dance is no big deal - know move, move rhythmically, and the business is done! And how do you do it is not so important. The catch is that many men Stenyaev dance, because they believe that they have problems with motor coordination, or simply believe that dancing - not masculine occupation. Women do not agree with them.

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook

Culinary skills

To master this skill, no need to sign up for courses and to spend money on expensive dishes - start small. Any woman, regardless of age, status and nationality, will be pleasantly surprised if the man show his culinary skills, especially on his own initiative and with confidence, issuing a lot of experience. Therefore we recommend to start the way to the heights of culinary excellence with a thorough study of a few simple recipes. After mastering the classic dishes (for example, learn how to cook the perfect steak and a side dish to it) gradually expand your culinary repertoire at its discretion

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook


No matter how many women were talking about how they want to see next to a sensitive and emotional man, they hardly have in mind the whiner, and hysterics. No, they just dream about a man - strong and brave. A man has to deal with a male sport, sweat and compress the teeth tension. Maybe your progress on a golf course impress co-workers, but the woman ...? Hardly. Now, if you do boxing, football, hockey or other "testosterone" sport female attention would you provided.

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook


This broad category of skills is all that is supposed to make a man as the head of the family and the owner of the house. This is not as difficult as it sounds (much easier than learning how to fix a car). The main thing - to have at its disposal appropriate instruments and not be afraid to get his hands dirty. In the world there is hardly a thing instructions for repairs which can not be found on the World Wide Web, but women still can not keep admiration for a man nobly takes on the role of a mediator between them and the equipment.

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook

A good lover

Sex is important, and for the female sex is often not important in itself, but as a demonstration and proof of emotional intimacy. For women, sex - it's not just the physical act of love. This is a unique indicator of your relationship to it. Therefore, if you are a caring lover who thinks of his partner and wants to please her - then you're good to her attitude. And if you think only of yourself, or did not think ... Believe me, she will draw conclusions.

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook

The ability to dress well and take care of themselves

Every man his own style, which may have formed over the years. But there is a clear distinction between the carefully cultivated negligence and unwillingness (or inability, in this case the same thing) to look after themselves, their clothes and appearance. It is better to look too manicured than groomed at all. There is nothing complicated about to be given a half-hour in the morning dressing procedures: clean shave to remove hair in the nose and ears, brush your teeth thread, put hair. Women often complain that men just do not care what they look like. Such disregard for their appearance is very disturbing women, as evidenced primarily of laziness or lack of willpower.

 Men's ability to impress women: learn to dance and cook

The ability to keep the conversation going

At first glance, the ability to keep the conversation does not seem so special and valuable. Any man can shoot the breeze with friends for hours about cars, technology and women. But the conversation with a girl - especially unfamiliar girl who you want to please - is another matter. Be interesting to talk to - is not just a rare ability; this is a real talent to be continuously developed.

The ability to not only listen, and listen carefully, delving into a speech - that is important. You want the girl to perceive you as confident, but careful man? Hard to find a middle ground, but it exists.

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