Sport diet for weight loss: a healthy way

November 22, 2014

 sports diet for weight loss
 To maintain a beautiful sports figure without harm to health is increasingly being used sports diet for weight loss. Such a diet is maintained much more easily than, for example, mono-diet, and good for overall health. And in conjunction with regular exercise diet can help get rid of the extra kilos and create beautiful sculptured shape.


Women's Slimming Secrets

Sport diet for weight loss is universal. It is suitable for both men and women, the difference lies only in the degree of physical activity and nutrition.

As a rule, women tend to lose weight and get tightened figure, but not to acquire muscle mass. Therefore, in the sports diet for weight loss for women, there are some important points:

  • Before training can not eat foods that contain large amounts of protein, it will lead to increased development of muscle mass. Between the adoption of the final protein foods, and training must be at least five hours;
  • The time interval between the last meal and exercise should be two o'clock;
  • After the end of training for two hours and you can not eat anything;
  • After training should give preference to products of protein origin.

The advantage of the sports diet is in a wide variety of food products. However, it is worth remembering that without sufficient physical activity, weight will not go away, and only increases.

Nutrition during sports diet should be a five-time, with a few interruptions.

The list of approved products include:

  • Low-fat dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurt);
  • Lean meat and fish (only boiled or stewed)
  • Fruits and vegetables (especially green apples and citrus fruits);
  • Cereals;
  • Fresh juices and fruit drinks.


Sport diet slimming men

Sport diet for men is somewhat different from the diet for women, since men tend to not just lose weight How to lose weight - basic principles  How to lose weight - basic principles
 But also build muscle. To do this, perform the following recommendations:

  • Before training (about two hours before) need to eat quite a large portion of salad or soup;
  • After another hour eat any big fruit, it may be a peach Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits  Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits
 Apple, kiwi couple;
  • Half an hour later it will be useful to have a cup of green tea or strong coffee;
  • Within 20 minutes after exercise (this is the most favorable period of time) need to consume food protein products. This will help to increase muscle mass.

After a workout, forbidden to drink tea, coffee or cocoa. It is necessary to give preference to juice such as cranberry.

Due to this fast food increases muscle mass. It should be noted that the weight at the same time can not be reduced, and even increase, because muscle is heavier than fat. Therefore it is recommended to analyze the results used clothing (if you became free, so the direction of the right) or just measure the volume with a tape.


Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

Like any other diet, sports diet for weight loss has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits can be safely attributed the diversity of authorized products, as well as the method of fractional food (5 meals a day, small portions), which speeds up metabolism, thus helping to effectively lose weight without harm to the overall health of the body.

The main drawback is the cost of a sports diet of healthy foods.

Not everyone can afford a day to eat red fish and seafood. However, a wide variety of foods to create a personal diet, taking into account all the nuances. The main thing - to eliminate the use of a variety of canned and preserved, and give preference to fresh and natural products.

Another important point is the size of the portions. It is difficult to immediately switch from one type of food to another, so the hand will instinctively reach for an extra spoon. It is worth remembering that the time interval between meals should be small, and a small portion - no more than a fist. When these moments of the weight will go faster, and the figure is slim.


Physical activity during sports diet weight loss

An important component of the diet are part of sports physical activities, they include weight training and cardio. Classes should be regular, at least three times a week. Otherwise, the use of sports diet will give the opposite result, and the weight will increase.

As a place for physical activities suited as a gym, and self-study at home. Each option has its pros and cons. Classes at the gym more effective, an experienced instructor will explain how to do the exercises for a quick effect, but such employment requires material costs. Exercise home totally free, but less effective. However, here the perfect opportunity to pick up a set of exercises and do it yourself, do not hesitate.

For men who want to build muscle and give the body relief, should give preference to power loads. Women are more suitable for swimming or walking trails.


Contraindications sports diet weight loss

During a sports diet because of the use of large amounts of fat-burning foods often raised blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?
 . Therefore, people with heart disease, kidney or liver disease, before diets must be screened and consult with your doctor, who will determine the possibility of using a sports diet.

If you wish, you can always make an individual sport diet diet is not supporting harm to human health. What is important is to listen to their own feelings, not forgetting the advice of nutritionists.

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Vegetable diet - lots of good little harm

September 20th, 2009

 Vegetable Diet
 Everyone knows that vegetables are not only delicious in any form, both fresh and preserved, but also extremely useful. The vegetables contain a rich collection of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber, helps to normalize digestion. That is why the huge popularity of vegetable diet - diet, prescriptive eating only vegetables.

 Vegetable diet - lots of good little harm

Vegetables for weight loss

Most of the useful properties of vegetables due to the large fiber .  Fiber - is the collective name of a group of complex carbohydrates, which the body is not able to digest .  Leaving the body virtually unchanged, such carbohydrates perform several useful functions: fiber and simultaneously normalizes digestion and cleanses the intestines, and even acts as a mild, natural laxative .  But the main advantage of fiber to fight against excess weight is not in its laxative properties: fiber, contained in abundance in vegetables, makes it easier to suppress hunger and keep you feeling full for a longer period .  That is why, even observing strict vegetable diet to quickly get rid of extra kilos, permanent, painful feeling of hunger in most cases can not be afraid - because of substantial fiber content of vegetables in any case, better fed than any tasty, but extremely harmful food .

 Vegetable diet - lots of good little harm

Diet diuretic vegetables for fast weight loss

In order to achieve optimal results - that is, not only to get rid of extra kilos, but also "fix" successes stabilized weight - you must follow the rules of the diet for a long period of time .  If you get rid of two or three extra kilos you need very fast, fit special vegetable diet - a diet to diuretics vegetables .  For effective weight loss in the long term such a diet is not necessary, but to prepare for the release of a spectacular, when two or three kilos need to "burn" a couple of days, very helpful .  The secret of the effectiveness of such vegetable diet is very simple - the rejection of any food and drug in one to two days, only a certain number of vegetables with diuretic properties helps to bring the body of stagnant liquid which provides the woman one or two extra kilos on the scales .  In this short vegetable diet has another advantage - the elimination of stagnant fluid helps fight swelling of the face and limbs (swollen eyelids can say goodbye to long time!) .  The main ingredients of vegetable diet for quick weight loss - cucumbers, known to everyone diuretic and cabbage (accelerates the process of burning fat), asparagus, beets, which stimulates the kidneys, thus speeding up the process of removing excess fluid from the body together with toxins .  Sitting on a diet, it is important to remember that its duration should be minimum - two at most - three days .  Chronic use of any diuretic, they are natural or synthetic, can lead to undesirable consequences for the health .

 Vegetable diet - lots of good little harm

Ingredients vegetable diet

Vegetable diet can be a mono-diet (ie diet, implying the use of one or two varieties of vegetables - such diets, for example, include cabbage, cucumber, carrot diet) or polidietoy. Each of these two types of diets have their advantages: extremely short duration mono-diet, takes only two or three days, but due to its severity can quickly cleanse the body and get rid of two or three extra kilos. Polidieta much more time-consuming and allows for consistent results in the long term, helping not only to stabilize weight and improve their health (vegans who hold only a strict vegetable diet, known for their health and longevity). If the vegetable diet is designed for the long term, the best of its components - a red pepper (source of vitamin C and antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
 Appetite suppressant), spinach, broccoli, carrots, kale, cauliflower, cucumbers, asparagus and zucchini.

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