Fish Diet: seafood in your diet - diet and precautions

April 1, 2007

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The diet should be present different varieties of fish

Power, in which a person eats the same food every meal and every day of the week, is not useful. Those who adhere to a diet of fish for the purpose of losing weight, canned tuna seem very tasty food containing large amounts of protein, beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and low in calories. But to stick to a diet for a long time, enough to feed a canned tuna, need a variety of food. You can buy fresh fish at markets and stores, and ways of cooking, there are many. Fish, grilled or baked, fried fish healthier and power alternately cooked fresh fish and canned fish will stick to the planned way of eating.

Warning: Pregnant women can not observe fish diet, since there is a possibility of mercury contamination, which could have serious consequences for the development of the fetus Fetal development - week after week  Fetal development - week after week

Another caveat: do not eat too much meat catfish or carp. It is known that fish these species is omnivorous and accumulates in the body a lot of pollutants. A small piece of catfish or carp will not harm health, but these types of fish should not be the basis of the diet.

 Diet and precautions | Fish Diet: seafood in your diet


Replacement red and white meat fish, radically improves the diet, but this is not enough. Fish - it's wonderful food, but if you fill her big pair of tablespoons of mayonnaise, it will be added to the diet of those calories and fats, which have been excluded from it. For breakfast, the fish fits the least, and in the morning it is better not to eat. Useful and tasty breakfast - it's wonderful, and the thought that at least once a day to eat the fish will not "break" with the diet.

Fish should be eaten for lunch and dinner. No need to cut back on portions, because to score the same number of calories as when feeding beef or other meats have to eat much more than is possible in a single meal. Many people who adhere to such a diet, as advised to take fish oil capsules Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?  Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
   in the morning, during breakfast, to receive the morning dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

 Diet and precautions | Fish Diet: seafood in your diet

Precautions and what to avoid

Those who are going to change the diet and instead of high-calorie food that contains a lot of fat, go for fish diet will feel a lot of positive changes thanks to a healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
 . But it is necessary to observe some precautions.

First, the famous "tuna sandwich" - can be delicious food, but this is the worst option for the fish diet. On average, one tablespoon of mayonnaise contains 100 calories, and almost all of them come from fat. Most of the people for a tuna sandwich using two or three tablespoons of mayonnaise, that nullifies all the health benefits of the food. Little fried fish also will not bring harm, but the fish, steamed, baked or grilled, is much more useful, and even canned tuna will be healthier than fish, deep-fried.

As mentioned earlier, you should be careful and do not have a lot of "omnivorous" fish such as catfish or carp, which absorb a lot of water toxins and pollutants.

 Diet and precautions | Fish Diet: seafood in your diet

How to create a salmon diet

The basis of salmon diets is the idea of ​​eating healthy fats, oils, and lean proteins, thus decreasing the use of starch, such as sugar, whole grains and starchy vegetables. Salmon diet is useful for weight loss, and maintain general health. You can use the principles of the diet for a short period of time to lose weight or go on a diet for a long time to change your lifestyle in general.


  • It is necessary to limit the amount of bread and carbohydrates in the diet. During the salmon diet can not eat flour products. But allowed to eat brown rice, a little rice pancakes and cooked whole grains.
  • The main focus should be directed to those products that are allowed. Those who are used to eating red meat in large quantities, it should find a replacement of the product, as is allowed to eat only one serving of lean red meat a week. Instead you can eat white meat such as chicken or turkey, and fish with low mercury content (such as salmon, which gave the name of the diet). Lean pork and eggs are also an option for replacing red meat.
  • Crisps and sweets should be replaced with nuts and seeds, diversity is welcomed, subject to the salmon diet.
  • Also to be added to the diet of vegetables that can be cooked in butter. As part of the salmon diet allowed to eat many types of vegetables.
  • Any products are allowed to fry in oil. Those who are not a big fan of vegetables, as well as those who loves vegetables, can be used in the preparation of various types of oils allowed salmon diet that enhances the flavor of many dishes.
  • Permission is granted to use one percent of yogurt and cottage cheese. Also in the salmon diet, you can eat feta cheese.
  • It is necessary to cut down the consumption of bananas Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
 . According to the salmon diet per day is allowed to use only one medium sized fruit, but it is assumed that the adherents of the diet give up bananas in favor of other products.
  • It encouraged the use of many types of legumes. In combination with vegetables beans - a delicious and satisfying product.

 Diet and precautions | Fish Diet: seafood in your diet

Tips and warning

  • Fruit can be combined with cottage cheese. Also wonderful dessert is yogurt.
  • Peanut butter or vegetable sauces are a great alternative to chips and greasy gravy.

The Japanese diet - not too much salt? - Advantages and disadvantages

November 26, 2006

  • The Japanese diet - not too much salt?
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Advantages and disadvantages of the Japanese diet

However, there is not enough, as the Japanese, but we need to adopt a similar lifestyle. The Japanese achieved great physical activity through simple activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and use of bicycles instead of motorized transport.

 Advantages and disadvantages | Japanese diet - not too much salt?

Arguments "for"

  • No need to count calories.
  • It supports the use of freshly prepared food based on natural and organic products.
  • It provides clear instructions on how to prepare Japanese foods, which are the basis of the diet.
  • It supports the use of a balanced breakfast every day, which will reduce the likelihood of appetite or overeating later in the day.
  • Good for dieters who like to experiment with different flavors and dishes.
  • Interesting reading for those who would like to learn more about Japanese culture, food and history.

 Advantages and disadvantages | Japanese diet - not too much salt?

The arguments "against"

  • Very limited. Some dietchiki can be intimidated by the prospect of such a drastic change in dietary style compared to the Western diet.
  • It needs more time to cook.
  • There may be difficulties in obtaining the recommended ingredients.
  • The lack of specific guidelines for meal planning. You need to follow the serving size.
  • Some dietchiki can not cope with the high carbohydrate content in rice and noodles, which are mainly made of refined flour.
  • It is difficult to follow for those who comply with a salt-free diet.
  • In many ways, for women, although the plan is suitable for men.

The Japanese diet - healthy and balanced approach to eating, especially when brown rice is chosen as the primary source of complex carbohydrates in the diet and if large portions of fruits and vegetables are included in the daily diet.

However, it is important to remember that in the Japanese food and diet, there is no magic, if we want to succeed, you need to pay attention to portion sizes and limit high-calorie diet in.